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Our philosophy is to make the dreams of our clients come true. We consider our work as an extension of the home owner, creating spaces where feelings and personalized atmospheres are brought to life. We merge the required needs while respecting the essence of each house, but adding comfort and elegance with the style set by each person. The combination between natural light and well-lit spaces is absolutely key in order to achieve a warm and welcoming atmosphere throughout the day. We understand materials as entities which provide sensations to the touch and sight and, that their combination can go as far as to transmit and excite us in our subconscious, without us realizing it.


The professional career of the Company began in 2008 in the field of interior design and has so far overseen well over 50 projects. We are positioned in Marbella and we lead a young team of designers and professionals from different disciplines which work in coordination constantly growing and evolving.

Alfonso Castellón


is a creative interior designer with a strong vocation and an extensive university education. He graduated from the University of Grenada, Spain with a Bachelors Degree in Architecture where he was awarded a special prize upon graduation. He completed his academic curriculum by enrolling for an Industrial Engineering Degree in the University of Malaga, Spain where he specialized in electrical installations. Prior to the opening of his own studio, he worked with some of the most reputed professionals in Marbella and learned their unique and exclusive ways and felt proud of being part of an exclusive group of professionals who have been able to reinvent themselves finding their own balance and giving their best to clients. His big chance came when he was offered to participate in the construction of the well known Shopping Center “La Cañada” in Marbella, Spain. He has also collaborated with Architects in Marbella, and other well known Developers and Builders from whom he has learned the job amongst great professionals and friends.



“We are passionate about creating spaces to improve quality of life”

Sitecg interior design studio in Marbella